Millennium Bridge House

Case Study

Client Overview

Millennium Bridge House stands as an iconic landmark on the banks of the lower Thames in London. With its distinctive seven-floor structure, the building is a testament to modern architecture and urban elegance. The property is expertly managed by Metrus, a renowned property management company known for their commitment to excellence.

Benefits and Results:

Millennium Bridge House stands not only as a landmark but as a testament to the successful collaboration between forward-thinking security experts and a visionary property management company. Hunters’ integrated security solutions have fortified the building’s defenses while offering advanced features that cater to modern security demands. This case study exemplifies how technology and expertise can converge to create a safer and more secure environment for all stakeholders.

  • Enhanced Security: The integrated security system ensures the safety of occupants and valuable assets, providing peace of mind for both Metrus and the building’s tenants.

  • Effortless Access Management: The Nedap access control system streamlines access management, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring efficient movement throughout the building.

  • Remote Operations: The ability to remotely program and configure the access control system exemplifies convenience and adaptability, a hallmark of Hunters’ innovative solutions.

  • Proactive Monitoring: The Panasonic IP CCTV system offers real-time surveillance, enabling proactive incident response and fostering a secure environment.


Access Control 100%
CCTV 100%
Intruder Alarm System 100%



We offer a full range of services and systems including, access control, CCTV, intruder detection, intercoms, safety barriers/gates & turnstiles as well as the copper and fibre networks that all of this technology sits on.

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Hunter Communication Services Ltd supplies the world’s leading innovative video surveillance products and solutions.

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Our access control equipment can create a safer environment for your business by allowing access only to authorised personnel, whilst also discouraging opportunistic theft.

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Hunters specializes in Intruder Alarm Systems, with expertise spanning various sectors including warehousing, distribution, retail, museums, historical sites, local authorities, education, leisure, and offices. Trust us to safeguard your diverse needs effectively.

Security Solutions

Hunters security solutions integrate all devices into one comprehensive platform.

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We design, install and maintain copper and fibre optic network systems for voice and data services.

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Hunter’s Service and Maintenance agreements are tailored completely to the needs of each individual customer.


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