Access Control

As Businesses Grow, so do Security Needs. We Build Bespoke Access Control Packages to Suit Complex and Evolving Businesses


Our access control equipment can create a safer environment for your business by allowing access only to authorised personnel, whilst also discouraging opportunistic theft. From simple one-door systems to multi-site systems controlled via one intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), Hunters Security’s experienced designers can guide you through selecting the most suitable solution for your requirements while our team of qualified engineers will install and maintain the system.

Access Control Offers Intelligent Door Entry Systems for Buildings

Used widely in large organisations, schools, colleges, universities and externally for vehicle access.

During working hours when your intruder alarm is switched off access control gives you complete control over who has access and where, on your premises and restrict movement around a building when you aren’t there to monitor it.

Powerful reporting tools, with full audit history give employers useful records and data.

For Heath and Safety access control offers full muster reporting in the event of a fire, recording who is in the building and who is safely reported to a muster point.

The Hunter’s Security sales team is experienced in designing access control systems for all sectors, tailored specifically to customers needs.

  • Network Solutions

  • Pin, Fob & Card Readers

  • Palm, Retina & Fingerprint Access

  • Choice of Readers & Lock Releases

  • Biometrics

  • Ancillary Devices

  • Installed & Maintained by Trained Engineers and Technicians


We offer a full range of services and systems including, access control, CCTV, intruder detection, intercoms, safety barriers/gates & turnstiles as well as the copper and fibre networks that all of this technology sits on.


Hunters Security Innovates Global Security Tech with Video Surveillance Solutions.


Provider of cutting-edge video surveillance products and solutions, Hunter Communication Services Ltd leads with innovation in global security technology.

Access Control

Secure Business: Access Control, Deter Theft, Trusted Safeguard for Safety.

Access Control

Enhance business safety with access control equipment: authorized personnel access, deter opportunistic theft, fostering a secure environment. Trust us for safeguarding.

Intruder Systems

Hunters excels in varied Intruder Alarm Systems, safeguarding sectors effectively.

Intruder Systems

Hunters excels in diverse Intruder Alarm Systems. Expertise spans warehousing, retail, museums, education, and more. Trust us for safeguarding varied sectors effectively.

Security Solutions

Hunters unify devices for seamless security, enhanced safety, and efficiency.

Security Solutions

Hunters unifies devices into comprehensive security platform, ensuring seamless integration of solutions for enhanced safety and efficiency.

Data Solutions

Design, Install, Maintain Copper/Fibre Networks for Seamless Voice/Data Services.

Data Solutions

We create, install, and upkeep copper and fibre optic networks, enabling seamless voice and data services with expert design and maintenance.

Service & Maintenance

Tailored Service and Maintenance Agreements Match Unique Customer Needs for Satisfaction.

Service & Maintenance

Hunter customises Service and Maintenance agreements to match unique customer needs, ensuring tailored solutions for optimal satisfaction and support.


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