Unnecessarily putting your hand in your pocket can be frustrating at times. However, how many times have you been forced to call out for a repair when something goes askew, only to be told that it’ll cost just as much to fix as it cost to purchase in the first place?

Here at Hunters, we believe that a maintenance contract is essential with any important purchase, and it doesn’t get any more important than the security of your place of business.

What is a Maintenance Contract?

The hint is in the name. A maintenance contract refers to a signed agreement that is negotiated by a customer to ensure that the manufacturer or a third party maintains their purchases properly.

In general, most maintenance contracts are concluded for property, with the contract taking the form of an annual or quality fee covering all unexpected repairs and regular maintenance to ensure that everything works effectively.

Maintenance Contracts for Your Security System

Integrated security systems

It is absolutely vital to obtain a maintenance contract for your home or business security system, since a failure in its operation could potentially leave your property open to break-in. It can be a major setback when you’ve invested so much in a new system only to make it fail when you need it most.


There are a lot of things that can go wrong when it comes to CCTV cameras. The lens can crack, the live feed can fail and the motor can also fail if it’s a motorized camera.

Any home or business owner investing in CCTV equipment should also consider taking out a maintenance contract on it with so much that can go wrong.

Access Control

For business particularly, maintaining safe and secure access at all times is something that should certainly not be overlooked.

When installing your system, ensure peace of mind by taking out a routine preventative care contract to keep everything working smoothly, and ensure replacement parts are always on quick standby if required. Access control panels and audio/video entry systems should be maintained at regular intervals throughout the year as a preventative measure.

Audio/video entry systems particularly require regular maintenance as there are so many different parts to consider that allied to be working perfectly together – the screens and speakers, the camera feed and plenty more besides.

Fibre Optics – Fibre optic connections provide the fastest and best quality data transfer for your security system and they are diverse and flexible enough to be utilised for everything from audio and video data to network and system installations.

Whilst fiber optic cabling is easier to install and is incredibly low maintenance, we still would recommend getting at least an annual checkup.

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