Thermal Imaging

Here at Hunters, we supply and install thermal cameras as a way of going that one step further in the current outbreak of events to ensure safety in high-traffic areas.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Introducing thermal imaging. Technology that was once considered an obscure concept of the future, is fast becoming a reality of today, all in response to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. We have already seen thermal camera installations take place in high-traffic areas such as hospital entrances, shopping centres and office buildings, theme parks and potentially mass attendance sporting events when they resume.

In order to analyse a specific scene or object, thermal imaging cameras are instruments that convert thermal energy (heat) into a visible light. The resulting image is known as a thermogram and analysed via a method called thermography. Thermal imaging cameras are sophisticated devices that process the captured image and display it on a screen. These images can be used for immediate diagnosis or processed through specialized software for further evaluation, accuracy and report output.

Examples of our Thermal Imaging Cameras

Both cameras give operators the choice of displaying white hot, black hot or colour scale along with the ability to display an on-screen temperature range gauge, which automatically scales from the coolest part of the image to the hottest.

Thermal Imaging cameras such as the SCB-9050 and SCB-9051 detect the differences in the infrared energy of objects and their backgrounds. This energy is undetectable to the human eye as well as conventional surveillance cameras. The SCB-9050 and SCB-9051 do not need any light to generate an image and only require a minimum temperature differential of 0.08°C to produce clear images.

Weighing a mere 2kg including their integrated housing that is tested to IP66, the SCB-9050 and SCB-9051 are light enough to be installed in a wide range of locations and with OSD (On-screen menu) they can be easily configured for contrast, brightness and sharpness.


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