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The security market has evolved significantly in the last few years and the quality and functionality of the systems available today provide you with numerous ways to protect your assets depending on your technical requirements and budget.

Hunter Communications has knowledge and experience to help you make the right decision.

It’s not just about choosing the right type of cameras, we can also advise on the best storage, lighting, transmission, analytics etc. We believe that IP security solutions are the best way forward for your business.

There are many myths about IP which simply aren’t true i.e.

* IP CCTV is bandwidth hungry and will slow down the rest of the network. Fact: With the compression algorithms available today the data is compressed and therefore won’t affect the network.

* There will be a big time delay between events and the display. Fat: A 5MB image on a 1GB network only takes 40 milliseconds to process.

* Any network can be hacked. Fact: Managed switches, independent LANs and firewalls prevent external attack, IP CCTV equipment is no less vulnerable.

* IP cameras and NVR’s are a lot more expensive. Fact: The use of IP cameras can actually reduce the amount of devices you need.

* IP cameras need lots of expensive storage. Fact: Modern compression techniques optimize storage requirements and the cost of storage has fallen dramatically over the last few years.

With so much choice its important to have the right partner to guide you towards the best solution. For instance when and where should use a Fixed Dome, Pan Tilt Zoom, Hemiapheric, Panoramic, Thermal, Vandal, Resistant, Bullet, Box Camera? What resolution do you need? How long do you need to record for? Do you need us to install the copper/fibre cabling for this? Do you need infra-red or white light lighting?

Talk to us and tell us what you need to achieve from your security requirements and we’ll suggest the best solution.


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