5 Reasons To Consider Access Control

Do you have a business or building without access control systems? If not, you should highly consider it, and we have 5 perfectly valid reasons as to why you should have access control.

Using access control in your business or building is a simple but effective way of increasing security measures as well as managing the flow of people through your site.

Here’s our Hunters top 5 reasons to consider access control:

  1. Peace Of Mind

Access control systems will enable you to provide a safe environment for your workers & people, which with increased security measures, will bring them peace of mind. Being able to monitor who is entering and exiting your business provides you with the accurate data required to effectively manage the security of your business. The system keeps track of your employee’s and visitor’s movements within the business, making sure that no unauthorised person gains access.

  1. Access Restrictions and Theft Reduction

Access control systems are designed to provide access only to individuals who are authorised. Therefore, you can control who is allowed to enter your business / property, or even limit access to a business or property area or space. A business may want to limit access to an area which may have hazardous complications if an untrained employee came into contact with it, for instance at a chemical plant, reducing accidents or devastating circumstances. A stock room with high value items would restrict access to certain employees reducing damage or theft. 

  1. Eliminate Key Problems

While locks and keys allow you to secure your building, when keys are lost or stolen, the inconvenience and expense of changing locks and assigning new keys can be considerable. Keys can also be duped, creating even more security risks.

  1. Remote Access

The most useful feature of access control is the ability to allow access to individuals to do so yourself while you are not there. Wherever you ‘re, access control systems will provide remote access to areas and you’ll always know who’s coming and going.

  1. Customised Schedules

Access control systems allow you to mitigate the risk by never granting more access to each user and at any given time than is absolutely necessary. Would you like to offer access to an area but only between 9 am & 5 pm hours? You might have a cleaning crew or vendors needing short-term access or some evening hours, or maybe someone requires 24 hour access.

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